UK Postcodes : Non geographic postcodes

UK Non Geographic Postcodes

There are number of non-geographic postcode sectors are also contained within geographic postcode areas. Other than those there are few Postcode prefixes which are spcifically allotted for non-geographic regions.

Most postcodes apply to a geographic area but some are used only for routing and cannot be used for navigation or estimating distances. They are often used for direct marketing and PO boxes. Non-geographic postcode area BX is used solely for non-geographic addresses, with codes independent of the location of the recipient. Some postcode sectors or districts are set aside solely for non-geographic postcodes, including EC50, BS98, BT58, BX1–BX9, IM99, M60, N1P, NE99, SA99, SW9, WV99, WV98 and JE4. Also the first two numbers can be from the range 91 to 95 for businesses and a range 96 to 99 for Government departments. The letters HQ for the last two letters could also it most likely is a non-graphical postcode of that Royal Mail holds the mail which a redirection, bulk mail delivery or open and scan to email service is available.


Girobank's headquarters in Bootle used the non-geographic postcode GIR 0AA. GIR 0AA is a postcode created for Girobank in Bootle. It remained in use by its successors when Girobank was taken over by Alliance & Leicester and subsequently by Santander UK.


The BF postcode area was introduced in 2012 to provide optional postcodes for British Forces Post Office addresses, for consistency with the layout of other UK addresses.


The non-geographic postcode area BX has been introduced for addresses which do not include a locality; this allows large organisations long-term flexibility as to where they receive their mail. This postcode area is used by Lloyds Banking Group (BX1 1LT) and parts of the HM Revenue and Customs like VAT Central Unit (BX5 5AT) and Pay as You Earn (BX9 1AS). Lloyds Bank also use BX4. After splitting from Lloyds, TSB Bank uses BX4 7SB, the latter part of which, when written, looks similar to "TSB".


The non-geographic postcode area XX is used by online retailers for returns by Royal Mail.

Organisation XX Postcodes allotted
Amazon XX10 1DD (Scottish Distribution Centre)
XX501DD (ditto)
XX30 1FF (South West Distribution Centre)
John Lewis XX10 1EE
Marks & SpencerXX10 1SS
Very XX20 1BD
musicMagpie XX20 1BF
Zara XX40 1EJ
Mango XX40 1EN
Monsoon Accessorize XX40 1EP
Boden XX40 1EG
Santa/Father Christmas XM4 5HQ (This is also a special postcode for letters to Santa/Father Christmas)


The postcode printed on Business Reply envelopes (which do not require a stamp) often ends with the letters BR.

Non geographic Postcodes

Postcode Organisation
BS98 1TL TV Licensing
BX1 1LT Lloyds Bank formerly known as Lloyds TSB Bank
BX2 1LB Bank of Scotland (part of Lloyds Banking Group)
BX3 2BB Barclays Bank
BX4 7SB TSB Bank
BX5 5AT VAT Central Unit of HM Revenue and Customs (Roman numeral "VAT" = "5AT")
CF10 1BH Lloyds Banking Group (formerly Black Horse Finance)
CF99 1NA Senedd Cymru (formerly National Assembly for Wales)
CV4 8UW University of Warwick
CV35 0DB Aston Martin after their long line of iconic sports cars that bear the "DB" moniker
DA1 1RT Dartford F.C. (nicknamed The Darts)
DE99 3GG Egg Banking
DE55 4SW Slimming World
DH98 1BT British Telecom
DH99 1NS National Savings certificates administration
E14 5HQ HSBC headquarters at 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf
E14 5JP JP Morgan
E16 1XL ExCeL London
E20 2AQ Olympic Aquatics Centre
E20 2BB Olympic Basketball Arena
E20 2ST Olympic Stadium
E20 3BS Olympic Broadcast Centre
E20 3EL Olympic Velodrome
E20 3ET Olympic Eton Manor Tennis Courts
E20 3HB Olympic Handball Arena (now the Copper Box)
E20 3HY Olympic Hockey Stadium
E98 1SN The Sun newspaper
E98 1ST The Sunday Times newspaper
E98 1TT The Times newspaper
EC2N 2DB Deutsche Bank
EC4Y 0HQ Royal Mail Group Ltd headquarters
EH12 1HQ Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters
EH99 1SP Scottish Parliament
G58 1SB National Savings Bank (the district number 58 also approximates the outline of the initials SB)
GIR 0AA Girobank (now Santander Corporate Banking)
IV21 2LR Two Lochs Radio
L30 4GB Girobank (alternative geographic postcode)
LS98 1FD First Direct bank
M50 2BH BBC Bridge House
M50 2QH BBC Quay House
N1 9GU The Guardian newspaper
N81 1ER Electoral Reform Services
NE1 4ST St James' Park Stadium, Newcastle United
NG80 1EH Experian Embankment House
NG80 1LH Experian Lambert House
NG80 1RH Experian Riverleen House
NG80 1TH Experian Talbot House
PH1 5RB Royal Bank of Scotland Perth Chief Office
PH1 2SJ St Johnstone Football Club
S2 4SU Sheffield United Football Club
S6 1SW Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
S14 7UP The World Snooker Championships at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield; 147 UP refers to a maximum lead (from a maximum break) in snooker
SA99 Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. All postcodes starting with SA99 are for the DVLA offices in the Morriston area of Swansea, the final part of the postcode relates to the specific office or department within the DVLA
SE1 0NE One America Street, the London headquarters of architectural firm TP Bennett
SE1 8UJ Union Jack Club
SM6 0HB Homebase Limited
SN38 1NW Nationwide Building Society
SR5 1SU Stadium of Light, Sunderland AFC
SW1A 0AA House of Commons (Palace of Westminster; see below for House of Lords)
SW1A 0PW House of Lords (Palace of Westminster; see above for House of Commons)
SW1A 1AA Buckingham Palace (the Monarch)
SW1A 2AA 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister)
SW1A 2AB 11 Downing Street (Chancellor of the Exchequer)
SW1H 0TL Transport for London (Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street)
SW1P 3EU European Commission and European Parliament office (European Union)
SW1W 0DT The Daily Telegraph newspaper
SW11 7US Embassy of the United States, London
SW19 5AE All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (Venue of the Wimbledon Championships)
TW8 9GS Glaxo Smith Kline
W1A 1AA BBC Broadcasting House
W1D 4FA Betgenius, the former address of The Football Association
W1N 4DJ BBC Radio 1 (disc jockey)
W1T 1FB Facebook
CO4 3SQ University of Essex (Square 3)

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