UK Postcodes : British Overseas Territories

British Overseas Territories

Certain British Overseas Territories introduced single postal codes for their territory or major sub-sections of it. These are not UK postcodes, even though many are formatted in a similar fashion.

Mail to Overseas Territories is treated as international if posted in the UK.

Territory Postcode
British Indian Ocean TerritoryBBND 1ZZ
Ascension IslandASCN 1ZZ
Saint HelenaSTHL 1ZZ
Tristan da CunhaTDCU 1ZZ
British Antarctic TerritoryBIQQ 1ZZ
Falkland IslandsFIQQ 1ZZ
GibraltarGX11 1AA
Pitcairn IslandsPCRN 1ZZ
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands SIQQ 1ZZ
Turks and Caicos IslandsTKCA 1ZZ

Other Overseas Territories

Other overseas territories have introduced their own more extensive postcode systems

Postal codes in Bermuda

Postcodes in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda use two different formats, depending on whether they are for street addresses or PO Boxes. Postcodes for street addresses consist of two letters and two digits. Postcodes for PO Box addresses, however, consist of four letters.

Postoffice locations in Bermuda
Post office Postcode Address Telephone Fax
The General Post Office (HM)HM 12 56 Church Street, Hamilton 441-297-7893 441-232-5624
Mangrove Bay Post Office (MA)MA 02 55 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandy’s 441-234-0423 441-234-408
Southampton Post Office (SN)SN 01 2 Church Street, Southampton 441-238-0253 441-238-7107
Warwick Post Office (WK)WK 03 70 Middle Road, Warwick 441-236-4071 441-236-2562
Perot Post Office (HM)HM 11 9 Queen Street, Hamilton 441-292-9052 441-292-8364
Devonshire Post Office (DV)DV 06 2 Orange Valley Road, Devonshire 441-236-0281 441-232-5824
Flatts Post Office (FL)FL 04 65 Middle Road, Smiths 441-292-0741 441-292-8445
Crawl Post Office (CR)CR 01 42 Radnor Road, Hamilton Parish 441-293-1400 441-293-4834
St. George’s Post Office (GE) GE 05 11 Water Street, St. George’s 441-297-1610 441-297-8452

Postal codes in Cayman Islands

Postal codes in the Cayman Islands are used by the Cayman Islands Postal Service to route inbound mail to groups of post office boxes in the country. A postal code typically consists of an island code, a hyphen separator, and a section code. They were introduced in 2006

There are only three island codes:

Postcode Island
KY1Grand Cayman
KY2Cayman Brac
KY3Little Cayman

Each of these is subdivided into section codes according to which local post office handles a particular group of boxes

Postal codes in British Virgin Islands

Postal codes in the British Virgin Islands are used by the British Virgin Islands postal service, BVI Post, to route mail in the island. Postal codes are composed of a country code, "VG", and four digits.

There are six postal codes in use:

Postal code Area
VG1110Tortola Central
VG1120Tortola East
VG1130Tortola West
VG1150Virgin Gorda
VG1160Jost Van Dyke

Postal codes in Montserrat

Postal codes in Montserrat are used by the Montserrat Postal Service to route mail to groups of post office boxes in the country.

A postal code is made up of the country code "MSR" and four digits. These represent the parish, the postal district, and the final two the distribution area or PO box range

There are eight postcodes in use, one for each sub post office:

Postal code Area
MSR1110GPO (Brades) and PO boxes
MSR1120Little Bay
MSR1210Davy Hill
MSR1230St John's
MSR1250Look Ou
MSR1310Cudjoe Head
MSR1330St Peter's

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