UK Postcodes : British Forces Post Offices

British Forces Post Office (BFPO)

The British Forces Post Office (BFPO) provides a postal service to HM Forces separate from that provided by Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, with BFPO addresses used for the delivery of mail in the UK and around the world. BFPO codes such as "BFPO 801" serve the same function as postal codes for civilian addresses, with the last line of the address consisting of "BFPO" followed a space and a number of 1 to 4 digits.

For consistency with the format of other UK addresses, in 2012 BFPO and Royal Mail jointly introduced an optional alternative postcode format for BFPO addresses, using the new non-geographic postcode area "BF" and the notional post town "BFPO". Each BFPO number is assigned to a postcode in the standard UK format, beginning "BF1". A postcode is not required if the traditional "BFPO nnnn" format is used.

BFPO Number PostcodeLocation / ServiceCountry / Operations
2BF1 3AAWashingtonUSA
4BF1 3ADKathmanduNepal
6BF1 2AALisbonPortugal
8BF1 2ABNaplesItaly
10BF1 3AFNairobiKenya
11BF1 3AGSeriaBrunei
12BF1 3AHBelize CityBelize
14BF1 3AJSuffieldCanada
16BF1 0ABSennelagerGermany
19BF1 0AEMonchengladbachGermany
26BF1 2AGCasteauBelgium
28BF1 2AHBrunssumHolland
44BF1 0ARWulfenGermany
46BF1 0ATGoch/WesselGermany
49BF1 2ANBrusselsBelgium
50BF1 2AQStavangerNorway
52BF1 2ARGibraltarGibraltar
53BF1 2ASEpiskopiCyprus
56BF1 2AXMadridSpain
57BF1 2ATAkrotiriCyprus
58BF1 2AUDhekeliaCyprus
59BF1 2AWAyios NikolaosCyprus
61BF1 2AYMilanItaly
63BF1 3AQVirginiaUSA
64BF1 3ASEdwards AFBUSA
65BF1 2BARomeItaly
66BF1 3AUCreech AFBUSA
68BF1 2BEPoggio RenaticoItaly
75BF1 3BFEglin AFB,USA
80BF1 3BNUSN JacksonvilleUSA
84BF1 3BSDam NeckUSA
105BF1 0AXIsolated DetachmentsSee table below
109BF1 0DLRamsteinGermany
599BF1 5FZIzmirTurkey
622BF1 6BDIMATT (SL)Sierra Leone
642BF1 6DDBMM Kuwait CityKuwait
644BF1 6DFBMATT (J)Jordan
655BF1 6DUAll FI unitsFalklands
677BF1 6EXRAF AscensionAscensions
678BF1 6EYTwo BoatsAscensions
769BF1 7ENLSTOman
801BF1 1AALisburnNI
805BF1 1ADBallykinlerNI
806BF1 1AEHolywoodNI
808BF1 1AGAldergroveNI
825BF1 1AHLisburnNI
204BF1 4AFHMS AlbionHM Ships
205BF1 4AGHMS AmbushHM Ships
208BF1 4ALHMS ArcherHM Ships
210BF1 4APHMS ArgyllHM Ships
213BF1 4ASHMS ArtfulHM Ships
214BF1 4ATHMS AstuteHM Ships
216BF1 4AWHMS AudaciousHM Ships
221BF1 4BBHMS BlythHM Ships
222BF1 4BDHMS BangorHM Ships
229BF1 4BNHMS BiterHM Ships
231BF1 4BQHMS BlazerHM Ships
241BF1 4DBHMS BrocklesbyHM Ships
243BF1 4DEHMS BulwarkHM Ships
251BF1 4DQHMS CattistockHM Ships
252BF1 4DRHMS ChargerHM Ships
254BF1DTHMS ChiddingfoldHM Ships
267BF1 4EJHMS DefenderHM Ships
268BF1 4ELHMS DragonHM Ships
269BF1 4ENHMS DuncanHM Ships
270BF1 4EPHMS DaringHM Ships
271BF1 4EQHMS DasherHM Ships
272BF1 4ERHMS DauntlessHM Ships
273BF1 4ESHMS DiamondHM Ships
275BF1 4EUHMS EchoHM Ships
276BF1 4EWHMS EnterpriseHM Ships
280BF1 4FAHMS ExplorerHM Ships
281BF1 4FBHMS ExampleHM Ships
282BF1 4FDHMS ExpressHM Ships
285BF1 4FGHMS ExploitHM Ships
286BF1 4FHHMS ForthHM Ships
292BF1 4FRHMS GrimsbyHM Ships
300BF1 4GAHMS HurworthHM Ships
309BF1 4GNHMS Iron DukeHM Ships
318BF1 4GYHMS KentHM Ships
323BF1 4HEHMS LancasterHM Ships
324BF1 4HFHMS LedburyHM Ships
328BF1 4HLHMS MagpieHM Ships
332BF1 4HRHMS MedwayHM Ships
334BF1 4HTHMS MerseyHM Ships
335BF1 4HUHMS MiddletonHM Ships
338BF1 4HYHMS MonmouthHM Ships
339BF1 4HZHMS MontroseHM Ships
345BF1 4JGHMS NorthumberlandHM Ships
357BF1 4JXHMS PembrokeHM Ships
358BF1 4JYHMS PenzanceHM Ships
361BF1 4LBHMS PortlandHM Ships
362BF1 4LDHMS PuncherHM Ships
363BF1 4LEHMS PursuerHM Ships
364BF1 4LFHMS Prince of WalesHM Ships
365BF1 4LGHMS Queen ElizabethHM Ships
367BF1 4LJHMS ProtectorHM Ships
368BF1 4LLHMS RamseyHM Ships
369BF1 4LNHMS RangerHM Ships
375BF1 4LUHMS RichmondHM Ships
377BF1 4LXHMS RaiderHM Ships
378BF1 4LYHMS SabreHM Ships
381BF1 4NBHMS ScottHM Ships
382BF1 4NDHMS SevernHM Ships
384BF1 4NFHMS ScimitarHM Ships
386BF1 4NHHMS ShorehamHM Ships
387BF1 4NJHMS SmiterHM Ships
395BF1 4NUHMS SomersetHM Ships
397BF1 4NXHMS SpeyHM Ships
398BF1 4NYHMS SutherlandHM Ships
399BF1 4NZHMS St AlbansHM Ships
400BF1 4PAHMS TamarHM Ships
401BF1 4PBHMS TalentHM Ships
405BF1 4PGHMS TrenchantHM Ships
406BF1 4PHHMS TriumphHM Ships
407BF1 4PJHMS TrumpeterHM Ships
409BF1 4PNHMS TrackerHM Ships
411BF1 4PQHMS TrentHM Ships
412BF1 4PRHMS TyneHM Ships
418BF1 4PYHMS VanguardHM Ships
419BF1 4PZHMS VictoriousHM Ships
420BF1 4QAHMS VigilantHM Ships
421BF1 4QBHMS VengeanceHM Ships
426BF1 4QHHMS WestminsterHM Ships
431BF1 4QQRFA Wave RulerHM Ships
432BF1 4QRRFA Wave KnightHM Ships
433BF1 4QSRFA ArgusHM Ships
436BF1 4QWRFA Cardigan BayHM Ships
439BF1 4QZRFA Fort AustinHM Ships
441BF1 4RBRFA Fort RosalieHM Ships
442BF1 4RDRFA Fort VictoriaHM Ships
447BF1 4RJRFA Lyme BayHM Ships
448BF1 4RLRFA Mounts BayHM Ships
455BF1 4RURFA TideforceHM Ships
456BF1 4RWRFA TideraceHM Ships
457BF1 4RXRFA TidespringHM Ships
458BF1 4RYRFA TidesurgeHM Ships
485BF1 4TGNP 1002Diego Garcia (BIOT)
487BF1 4TJNP 1010 (BDLS Ottawa)Canada
488BF1 4TLNP 1011 – Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC) / AutecPortsmouth, UK / Miami
489BF1 4TNNP 1022 (RNLO)Singapore
490BF1 4TPNP 1023 (RNLO Gulf)Dubai
494BF1 4TTNP 2010Falkland Islands
495BF1 4TUNP 1005Den Helder, Holland
c/o 2BF1 3AAHMS Saker (Washington)USA
c/o 63BF1 3AQNP 1964 (Norfolk, Virginia)USA
501BF1 5ABOP ELGINOperations
550BF1 5DPOP SHADEROperations
556BF1 5DWOP SHADEROperations
561BF1 5EBOP ELGIN (K)Operations
566BF1 5EHOP CABRIT (E)Operations
567BF1 5EJOP TOSCAOperations
580BF1 5FAOP AZOTIZEOperations
584BF1 5FFOP CABRIT (P)Operations
590BF1 5FPOP ORBITALOperations
598BF1 5FYOP SHADEROperations
602BF1 6ADOP NEWCOMBEOperations
604BF1 6AFOP TURUSOperations
605BF1 6AGOP TURUSOperations
606BF1 6AHOP PERCIVALOperations
607BF1 6AJOP VOGULOperations
608BF1 6ALOP NEWCOMBEOperations
613BF1 6ASOP NEWCOMBEOperations
616BF1 6AWOP CATANOperations
626BF1 6BHOP SHADEROperations
630BF1 6BPUK SP NODE (EA)Operations
631BF1 6BQOP TANGHAMOperations
632BF1 6BROP KIPIONOperations
633BF1 6BSOP CROSSWAYSOperations
634BF1 6BTOP CROSSWAYSOperations
636BF1 6BWOP SHADEROperations
639BF1 6BZOP KIPIONOperations
648BF1 6DLOP TANGHAMOperations
649BF1 6DNOP SHADEROperations
651BF1 6DQOP VERITASOperations
660BF1 6EAOP SHADEROperations
664BF1 6EFOP BRANTAOperations
673BF1 6ESOP SHADEROperations
675BF1 6EUOP SHADEROperations
684BF1 6FFOP SHADEROperations
690BF1 6FPOP RECOMPOSEOperations
695BF1 6FUOP TURUSOperations
711BF1 7AQOP TORALOperations
757BF1 7DXOP TORALOperations
759BF1 7DZOP TORALOperations
762BF1 7EDOP TORALOperations
764BF1 7EFOP TORALOperations
767BF1 7EJOP KIPIONOperations
779BF1 7EZOP KIPIONOperations
798BF1 7FYOP TORALOperations

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